Hello fellow Musafir,

I’m Pranav Singhania, the creator of Travelcase. I’ve been travelling for the past 7 years and have been fortunate enough to get opportunities to travel in college and via work. Over the years, I personally have evolved as a traveller, from doing 5 cities in 5 days to now wanting to spend a good month at the same place. Neither style of travel is better than the other, just ways to experience life. Travelling has widened my perspective, put me in touch with some great people and given me many other intangible gifts which I’m yet to even appreciate.

I was looking for a resource that could help me plan my workations in India as the world was opening up, but couldn’t find any. And in my experience with people, I’ve realized travel planning is daunting for most people, more so when you need to plan workations and many assume that it to be really expensive. Though “expensive” is relative, if you’re from a Tier-1 city, some of the locations can be done in as much as your monthly rent.

Hence, to debunk these myths, and make it easier for people to take workations, Travelcase was born. We share the stay, food, activities, expense breakdown and things to note from seasoned travellers so you can take a trip confidently. Work gets a little easier when there’s nice scenery behind your laptop.

If you can invest into Smallcase for your finances, invest a little in yourself with Travelcase?

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